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bevel gear wheel’s inclination

Activate the inclination via hand wheel. Bevel gear wheels control the inclination manually and it is used until max. 360 kg of coil weight.

Articulated lever’s inclination

Via hand wheel the inclination is performed manually/ hydraulically. The articular levers are used until max. coil weight 3000 kg.

Spline’s inclination

The inclination is performed hydraulically with automatic trailer which can be switched off via splines. The splines lower the force of inclination and increase the stability by an extensive support. Maximum weight of coil is 3000 kg.

driven decoiler

Driven decoilers are used for thin and sensitive belts which shouldn’t get tensioned.

Horizontal unwinder

Horizontal unwinders are used for thin and slim belts.


Braked decoilers are used for all belts. The belts are either pulled from a straightening machine, a strip draw off or a cold roll forming line.