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Telephone diagnosis and remote maintenance shorten the times of reacting. Our electro engineers are available for you.

Service-Telephone: 07821 / 92098-25.

In addition, the remote maintenance via modem helps quickly at control problems.

Your machine doesn’t have any remote maintenance? – Call us and we’ll help you!




Maintenance / Maintenance contract

At certain intervals maintenances are performed for reaching a process safety. Because preventive maintenance is more economical than a recovery by repairing.

A maintenance contract provides them also additional services several advantages over the process safety addition:

  • Preventive, regular maintenances base on operating times. LORENZ agrees and coordinates fixed maintenance appointments. The accounting happens according to the contract after each operation
  • Fixed agreed approach- and working flat charge
  • Sales discount on spare parts
  • „Maintenance plus“ offers the possibility that LORENZ has the most important spare parts stocked for the customer. This is an optimal solution for the safety of processing and availability of machines




Retrofit / Modernisazion

Retrofit is a good alternative for older machines after years of professional maintenance and inspection. With Retrofit the machines are state of the art.

We also restore and modernize machines from other manufacturers.

With a modernization, new technologies can be integrated, e.g.:

  • Improve the quality and processing time of the products
  • Increase the energy difference
  • Minimize the set-up time
  • Prohibit downtime

The customers get a concept and offer corresponding to their imaginations and priorities to the modernization.




Spare Parts

Mechanical spare parts are mostly produced in the company. This guarantees high quality and a good availability.

Several other spare parts are purchased from considerable manufacturer or rather local supplier from the radius of 50km.