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At Company Lorenz Development is top priority


We are a family business that is owner-managed. We develop, produce and mount with 30 employees user-specific machines and constructions for sheet metal working.

Basing on 50-years of experience in straightening technic.


Research & development


The customer comes always first. We want to offer our customers the advantage in competition so that they can be successful in the market.

Progress, advancement, selective investments in research and development and highly motivated and well-trained employees are the basis for success in the future.

Flexibility and open-mindedness coupled with requirements of target markets are the guarantors to realize the technological head of our customers. Therefore, LORENZ cooperates with universities and research institutes in the region.



Sustainability creates the future


As a manufacturer in a global market and competition, LORENZ takes care on economic sustainability.

The realization of all environmental regulations should be a matter of course for all companies. For LORENZ ecological sustainability is the careful use of the correct resources and production processes as well as the increase in energy efficiency.

Also in the acquisition, LORENZ attaches importance to sustainable, long-term supplier relationships.

Over 70% of our suppliers are located in radius of 30km. Short ways and efficient logistics avoid the development of CO2 pollution.

The photo-voltaic system was built in 2014 on the production hall. It generates about 68.000kw/h of electricity and 65% are used even. This corresponds 40% of total annual consumption.